In English

Life quality model of Eeva and Petter

Translation: Dalia Aljuboori

Since 2004, me and Eeva together have rafted the Alzheimer rapid in a beam.  Equally the photo below is adequate to describe anyone fighting against an illness or other problems in life.

 ”Koskenlaskijat” picture by : Tuomo Veijanen

     Life is so complex that it has to have some order.

     If life gave you everything you desire, where would you put it?

     (Pirkko-Liisa Perttula: Aurinkoinen mieli)

The life quality model of Eeva and Petter is a model for life crises. In addition to the treatment of amnestics it can be used as well with other illnesses, elderly care and life crises.  Our life quality model can freely be utilised and further developed by anyone interested. You may personalize it depending on the usage and purpose and change the name to for example ”Mr and Mrs Smiths life quality model”. 

The picture was taken 1. september 2012 in restaurant Hiisi in Helsinki, where we,  together with 120 others, attended  the YKSP 6-8 party. Next time the party will be held  7.9.2013 in Lahti, and we will take part if ”Mr. Alzheimer” grants us one more night off. Photo by: Heikki Kahrama

Life quality model of Eeva and Petter

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches

(English proverb)

It's advisable to allways try to improve the part that least attention has received. This contributes a radical improvement in life quality and  vigour. The 10 points below are in an arbitrary order, each point is important and should be taken care of.   











Feeling of safety and presence

Eeva and Petter are almost always together. The presence of the person Eeva trusts the most makes her feel safe and carefree


Food is as healthy as possible and at the same time Eevas favourite. At home Petter prepares the food. We eat often and take lots of liquids

Medicine, vitamins and natural products

In addition to the medicine for the illness,  vitamin and natural products contribute the wellbeing


An amnestic person needs to feel free. Thats why leaving home is recommendable.

            Only tame birds have a longing. The wild ones fly.

                           Elmer Diktonius 


We take a walk few times a day and the length depends on the weather and condition

Healing treatments

Each day Petter gives Eeva a massage. When in vacation we have treatments and try new ones

Special wishes

Petter and Eeva  have been married since 1974 so they know what each one wants. Our motto is ”you get what you ask for”

Sauna, hygiene and beauty care

We go to sauna  from  4 to 7 times a week. Since 2012  because of Alzheimer it has only been possible to go to the infrared sauna in  our living room. We often make a foot bath in the sauna. We pour warm water in a vat, along with 2 spoonfulls of sea salt and canola oil. We often visit a hairdresser, it is important for Eevas selfconfidence and it also cheers up

Embracing life

Eeva and Petter travel and attend events depending on their condition

Peer support and friends

Petter and Eeva take part on four different peer support groups. Friends are of great importance as well